Thursday, September 16, 2010

Paris! Day 6

Our last day in Paris was spent reloading everything that had exploded from our backpacks at the hostel, checking out the Lourve, and buying some more French baked goods -- don't ask because I seriously don't know how many desserts I consumed. But, every single one was the best ever.

Pictures of the day:

Our bunks at the Woodstock Hostel. Notice the size of the shower closet.
Our roommates' bunks. Cool people.
I'm a little person, and I barely fit in that shower.
Kevin eating a pastry, and the hostel cat in the courtyard.

Woohoo Lourve!
Thumbs up. Killer ceiling.

Big Feet
How could we not?

Hey Kevin, want to add anything else?
I think I ate at least 12 sandwiches in the six days spent in Paris. And they were all delicious.

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