Monday, September 20, 2010

Rome! Day 2

We've found that the city here is the world's biggest mall. For every bakery, pasty shop, butchery, fruit & vegetable market in Paris, there is a clothing store in Rome. Neither of us being particulary of the shopping type, Kevin found a place to rent a bike from (unfortunately not a scooter) and rode around the city, through a park or two, up a mountain, etc. I walked around, ate a lot of gelati (Italian ice cream 10x better than any I've had in the states EXCEPT for Guernsey Dairy -- but it's just completely different), and took a much needed nap.

We met up in the evening and had a dinner of fabulous food -- homemade spinach ravioli in a walnut cream sauce and salmon in something, and then wandered around the city at night taking bad, blurry pictures:

St. Peter's Square
St. Peter's Basilica back there
Archaeological Dig site #758302
Twin buildings and the road between them

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  1. I do not enjoy the mall here but would like the mall there I think.