Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rome! Day 4

This was taken from our window at the hostel. The dome is St. Peter's basilica, and you can see that the Vatican wall is literally across the street.

The only thing closer to us is the gelato place. Perfection? Yes.

Anyway, today we went to the beach. "There's a beach in Rome??" you ask. Yes, it just takes around two hours to get to depending on how often the train conductors feel like operating. After much sitting and waiting and wondering whether or not we were getting on the correct trains, we found it! Beautiful and clean and not crowded at all, though the weather was perfect.

I really wanted to snap a picture of the macho italian man strutting back and forth in front of the section we were set at, complete with a zebra printed speedo, buuuuut I didn't. In retrospect it would have been completely worth it.

That night we chatted at the hostel with two girls from Germany and one guy from Switzerland about how funny the Italian language is. Everyone with a different native accent, all ripping on people saying, "PEEza" and "PEPahRONi" The girls also said that Heidelburg is perhaps the coolest city in the whole wide world, and that there will be a festival of sorts going on when we get there this weekend. Bonus!


  1. looking forward to new post you two!

  2. Oh that beach looks amazing!