Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Venice! Day 1

Venice. Is. Beautiful.

Plain and simple. Everything is picture perfect and so extraordinarily different. Concrete sidewalks, yes. Alleyways - yes. But all water roads.

 We spent today ducking out of the tourist areas of the island and gladly getting lost in a labyrinth of side streets.

Stumbled upon this one.
 We came back to the hostel in hopes of taking a nap. Ask either one of us about the snoring our first night here...

Our Venice Fish Hostel balcony
Very chill day. Later on, things got a bit livelier. The hostel provides a free communal dinner every night of homemade pasta.  A bunch of us went out to fulfill the BYOB and came back to have a loud, full of conversation dinner with 30 or so people. David from Scotland here for a break from the ordinary, Jimmy from Wisconsin doing a study abroad trip on Italian Hip-Hop, Jenny from DC in a personal pursuit to find herself, the Australian guy who works here and plans to return home some time next year. What we're noticing is that our trip (18 days) is tiny compared to the typical hostel traveler.

Found a bench earlier in the day to work on Kevin's pigeon sounds (movie):

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