Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 1

How many flights does it take discount travelers to get to Paris? Three
Three. Those 17 hours of my life weren't the worst, but the few hours after, when jet lag hit, those may have been.

 "Hey Kevin, do you think the next flight will be any quiter than this one?"

Anyway, Bonjour! We are in Paris! We arrived at local time 10am on Friday, Sept 10th. The hostel is everything we expected, plus two Irish roommates who are pretty awesome. Hope to go out with them at some point before they go back home on Monday.

Yesterday we explored the city! After a four-hour nap and a sandwich..
..which contained some as of yet unidentifiable meat that tasted pretty good. Who cares what it is, it's French.

There are no pictures from last night, but we walked all the way to the city center, to the Eiffel Tower, which was sparkling though unfortunately closed. There were hundreds of people just hanging out in the lawn at 11pm. The weather was perfect. That reminds me, gotta check the weather for today.

Today it's off to the Palace of Versailles with my family!


  1. awesome! Paris sounds cool
    p.s. The meat might of been spam!ha

  2. The meat may have been jambon (French for ham) I hear it is pretty tasty! Looks like you two are having a super great time! :)