Wednesday, September 8, 2010


All of our major transit and accommodations are finalized... finally! So here's the bare-bones rundown of what we're doing for the next 18 days:

Thursday, Sept 9th
Fly to Newark, Jersey
Layover for five hours
Fly to Copenhagen, Denmark

Friday, Sept 10th
Fly to Paris, arrive around 11am
Check in at the Woodstock Hostel (how Parisian, hahaha)
We're staying at the Woodstock for all five nights we're in Paris.

Saturday, Sept 11th
Meet up with some of my family (who left for Paris yesterday, Sept 7th)
Take a day trip to Versailles

Sunday-Tuesday, Sept 12th-14th
Eat baguettes

Wednesday, Sept 15th
Spend the day in Paris
Fly to Rome at night

Thursday, Sept 16th
Check in at the Pensione Ottaviano Hostel
We're staying at the Ottaviano all four nights in Rome.

Friday-Sunday, Sept 17th-19th
Avoid getting pick-pocketed
Check out the Pope's place

Monday, Sept 20th
Spend the morning in Rome
Fly to Venice in the evening
Check in at A Venice Fish hostel
We're staying at the Fish all three nights in Venice

Tuesday-Wednesday, Sept 21st-22nd
Ride gondolas

Thursday, Sept 23rd
Spend the day inVenice
Fly to Frankfurt at night

Friday, Sept 24th
Meet our hosts, Suzy and Carlos
We'll be staying with Suzy and Carlos for the three nights we're in Germany.

Saturday-Sunday, Sept 25-26th
Run around Frankfurt
Climb on Castles and ruins

Monday, Sept 27th
Fly to Copenhagen, Denmark
Fly to Newark, Jersey
Layover for 2 1/2 hours
Fly to Detroit

There it is! Check back every now and again for updates when we're out of Michigan.


  1. Have fun! Good luck! haha. Becka, Did you get a leash for Kevin??

  2. No leash. We're doing pretty good with keeping up with one another, thank goodness haha.

    The hostel is nice. We've got four roommates and a shower smaller than a really small closet. There's one toilet for the entire hostel, which is probably 30 people or so. I mean, it's gross by most standards, but it's all we really need. There are people from all over the world and English is the common language. Everyone is young and it's really easy-going. And there's a cat. Actually, it's sleeping on a bench right beside me.

    Very chill, not a hotel. Definitely not a hotel. But everything that a young, poor traveler needs and all the company one could ever want.